Law Enforcement Utilizes New Techonology to Improve Community Ownership Among Youth

Our neighbors in Virginia are trying out the use of a new texting and email system to address the issues of substance abuse and crime in their community. One county has implemented this system for students in the county’s middle and high schools to send anonymous emails or text messages.  Local County Sheriff Count Lane Perry say, “Emailing and texting are big things to the youth of today, and now, if a students sees something that really bothers them,” he said authorities can help before a situation “gets out of hand.” “Part of this effort also is to try to keep drug…

Social Media Prevention Campaigns

Have you heard about Be The Wall? This organization offers social media prevention campaigns targeted towards middle school teens, high school teens and parents.

Prevention and Promotion Call to Action and Planning Guide

Have you seen the Prevention and Promotion Call to Action and Planning Guide This 174 page document is a month-by-month interactive substance abuse and mental health promotion planning guide for communities.  This is an amazing community planning guide with all the resources you need to promote wellness in your community.