Teenage Behavior Influenced by Video Games?

Experts from the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies at The University of Nottingham have carried out the first ever analysis of best-selling video games to find out the extent to which the games include this content and to assess the link between playing the games and drinking and smoking behavior. They found that teenagers who play video games featuring alcohol and tobacco references appeared to be directly influenced because they were twice as likely to have tried smoking or drinking themselves. Click here for more in this research study

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Caremark Pressures Pharmacies to Abandon Tobacco Sales

Some customers will soon be required to make a $15 co-payment on prescriptions filled at pharmacies that sell tobacco products, under new rules issued by Caremark, the pharmacy benefits management arm of CVS. The rules will encourage customers to fill prescriptions at CVS-owned pharmacies, which stopped selling tobacco products in September. This will also put financial pressure on other pharmacies that are part of the Caremark network to stop selling tobacco products. More than 54,000 pharmacies are part of the Caremark network, including more than 20,000 independent pharmacies. “For clients who choose a tobacco-free network, plan members would be provided…

Combination of Smoking and Heavy Drinking ‘Speeds Up Cognitive Decline’

  Researchers from UCL (University College London) found that smokers who drank alcohol heavily had a 36% faster cognitive decline compared to non-smoking moderate drinkers.  Smoking and heavier alcohol consumption often co-occur, and their combined effect on cognition may be larger than the sum of their individual effects.  The research team found that in current smokers who were also heavy drinkers, cognitive decline was 36% faster than in non-smoking moderate drinkers. Click here for full story…