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Above the Influence



A Parent’s Guide to Talking to Kids About Drugs and Alcohol

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

Courage to Speak Foundation

Drug Dangers

How to Talk to Your Kids About Drug if You Did Drug

Join Together – Advancing Effective Alcohol and Drug Policy, Prevention, and Treatment

Marijuana Fact Sheet – What parents need to know?


NC DHHS & SAMHSA’s National Clearninghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information

North Carolina Parent Resource Center

Parents are the biggest influence on kids when it comes to drinking, smoking or using drugs. That’s right. You may not think they pay attention, but research shows that the number one reason kids say they don’t use drugs is because they don’t want to disappoint their parents! You are NOT alone. We are here to support you! Contact the NC Parent Resource Center for more information.

Not in my House

ONDCP National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign

Partnership for a Drug-Free America

Pride Surveys

Stop Medicine Abuse

The Parent Toolkit: The Partnership for a Drug-Free America

Tobacco Free College Campuses

Too Smart to Start

Substance & Alcohol Withdrawal Education, Treatment, Prevention

Additional Information and Tips

Need the Drug Information Facts to Keep Your Teen Safe?

Click here to connect to the Partnership at DrugFree.org to download a DRUG GUIDE FOR PARENTS.


2.4 million American teens have abused over-the-counter or cough medicine to get high

Over 3 million US teens abuse prescription drugs

70% of children who abuse prescription drugs admit to getting them from family or friends

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