Be Tobacco Free

This site offers a guide to successful tobacco cessation, resources about tobacco health effects, tobacco prevention strategies, and other useful resources.

US Dept. of Health and Human Services

The mission of the Department of Health and Human Services is to help provide the building blocks that Americans need to live healthy, successful lives.  We fulfill that mission every day by providing millions of children, families, and seniors with access to high-quality health care, by helping people find jobs and parents find affordable child care, by keeping the food on Americans’ shelves safe and infectious diseases at bay, and by pushing the boundaries of how we diagnose and treat disease.

This site provides sources for grant funding, resources related to various health topics, job opportunities, health regulations, and disease prevention strategies.


Stop Bullying

Find a community toolkit, training modules, resources and more for understanding and preventing bullying.  Help your community recognize the bullying.

Underage Drinking Program Launched in NC

The North Carolina Alcohol and Beverage Commission is set to launch a new campaign today that focuses on underage drinking in North Carolina. The campaign will target kids as young as eleven.

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Have You Heard About the Drug Terminator?

The Eden City police department in Rockingham County, NC recently bought a Drug Terminator.  It is an incinerator that instantly burns the drugs instead of them going to a landfill or shipped away for disposal.

County leaders decided to do it on site to save money.  The county first urged people to dispose of prescription drugs through Project Lazarus eight years ago after a high number of deaths and injuries related to prescription drugs.

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