Government Access

Informing our Executive Branch and Legislative leaders on the issues that affect our field is of critical importance. Please use the information below to pass on the knowledge that you have on the policies that will impact your prevention efforts.

North Carolina General Assembly

The General Assembly is located in Raleigh and is the state legislative body for North Carolina. With representation from all areas of North Carolina this bi-cameral legislature works with the North Carolina Governor to pass state laws.
To track legislation, look up bills, view the calendar and more you can go to the NCGA website at:
Legislative membership:

North Carolina Governor’s Office

To contact the Governor’s office, please click here.

US Congress (Federal Legislation)

The United States Congress is made up of two legislative bodies, the House and the Senate. All states have two Senators. North Carolina’s current Senators are Richard Burr and Kay Hagan. North Carolina has thirteen members in the US House.

To track or look up Federal legislation you can visit the Thomas website, which is run by the Library of Congress.

You may also use CADCA’s website.

For Alcohol Policy, the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, the Marin Institute and the Alcohol Policy Information System are all helpful resources.

The President of the United States

To contact President Barack Obama’s office, please click here.

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