NCSAPPA Committees

Coalition Development:
Chair: Erin Day
The Coalition Development Committee promotes collaboration among prevention providers and existing coalitions to achieve common goals.

Marketing & Communications:
Chair: Nicole Augustine
The Marketing and Communications Committee develops marketing tools to promote the mission of NCSAPPA including brochures and other media messages, web site development and content, as well as promotes communication bridges between providers and statewide resources. e.g. PIRE, RTI, PDFNC, NCCI.

Membership & Orientation:
Chair: LaTasha Murray
The Membership and Orientation Committee recruits provider organizations and other contractors, orients new members and board members, and develops the membership packets and application.

Policy & Advocacy:
Chair: Deeanna Hale-Holland
The Policy and Advocacy Committee develops talking points and key media messages, press releases on advocacy issues, and calls-to-action on key issues.

Workforce Development:
Chairs: Kelli Glynn and Debbie Sudekum
The Workforce Development Committee promotes statewide training opportunities for prevention skill building, networks with training providers and conference planners to ensure training needs are met, provides assistance with navigating the certification process, and works with the Professional Proactive Board as needed to meet needs of Prevention Professionals.


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