NCPPA Membership Application

Types of Membership

Organizational Membership includes:

    • All benefits of Individual Membership listed above
    • Receive announcements about upcoming open elected position on the Board of Directors
    • Present a representative to stand for election to open seats on the Board of Directors
    • Serve on the elected Board of Directors (one (1) member)

Organizational membership fees are based on your annual prevention operating budget.

o Up to $99,999, your membership fee is $100.00
o $100,000 – $299,999, your membership fee is $150.00
o $300,000 – $499,999, your membership fee is $200.00
o $500,000 and up, your membership fee is $250.00

*Individual Membership includes:

  • One (1) vote in the Board of Directors election
  • Receive notice of the annual meeting and any special meetings
  • Serve on committees & vote on issues
  • Share issues to the Board of Directors for discussion and/or advocacy
  • Attend twice yearly General Membership
  • Meetings of the NC PPA

Individual Membership Fee: $45
*Individual Membership should be selected only if your employer or affiliate does not have an Organizational Membership with the PPA.

Click HERE to download application 

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