Carteret County Working to Reduce Rx Drug Diversion

Carteret County Sheriff Asa Buck and District Attorney Scott Thomas announced in May the undercover drug operation called “Operation Pill Crusher,” which targeted illegal sales and diversion of prescription drugs and other illegal drugs.

More than 80 people have been charged as part of the sales.  In the months ahead of the operation, detectives made hundreds of controlled purchases from over 100 drug dealers operating in Carteret County.

“Prescription drug diversion results in increased criminal activity and drug addiction and this is one of the major challenges we face in Carteret County,” said Sheriff Asa Buck about last week’s convictions.  “I am very pleased with the sentences handed down in the “Operation Pill Crusher” cases.  I commend the detectives of the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office for their diligent efforts making criminal cases on these drug dealers and I would like to thank District Attorney Scott Thomas and Assistant District Attorney Dave Spence for all their hard work and taking a strong stance in prosecuting these cases.  I hope this will send a message to all that we are very serious about prosecuting drug dealers in and around Carteret County.”

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