Burlington Working on Prescription Drugs Abuse

As prescription drug abuse continues to grow in North Carolina and across the country, one local police department is opening permanent drop boxes to help people get rid of unwanted medicine.

Jennifer Kaffenberger has made it her mission to educate people about the dangers of taking other peoples’ medicine.

In 2011, her son, Harry Cohen, was the star quarterback at Burlington’s Williams High School. Cohen accidentally overdosed and died after taking his grandmother’s methadone pain medication.

“When people think of overdose, they think ‘Oh, he took the whole bottle’ or ‘He took it because he wanted to get high,'” Kaffenberger said. “He took it because he was in pain, and he only took one.”

“I think people sometimes don’t recognize the seriousness of having prescription medications in their home,” Burlington Police Chief Jeffrey Smythe said.

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