Offers Research on Program Effectiveness


The Office of Justice Programs’ uses rigorous research to determine what works in criminal justice, juvenile justice, and crime victim services. This website offers:

  • Research on program effectiveness reviewed and rated by Expert Reviewers
  • Easily understandable ratings based on the evidence that indicates whether a program achieves its goals
    • Effective  1_effective_icon3
    • Promising 1_promising_icon3
    • No Effects 1_ineffective_icon3

Substance abuse prevention and education programs aim to prevent individuals, particularly juveniles, from the harmful physical, social, and psychological consequences of drug and alcohol use or abuse.  These programs, which may be implemented in communities, schools, faith-based settings, or the home, often seek to educate young people about the dangers posed by drugs and alcohol and change the behaviors that may lead to their abuse.

Check out the programs and curriculums deemed most effective

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