Anti-smoking medication shows promise for treating alcohol dependence

A smoking-cessation medication may be a viable option for the treatment of alcohol dependence, according to a study by scientists at the National Institutes of Health. The study found that varenicline (marketed under the name Chantix), approved in 2006 to help people stop smoking, significantly reduced alcohol consumption and craving among people who are alcohol-dependent. The findings were published online in the Journal of Addiction Medicine. Continue reading…

U.S. High School Students Report Top Reasons for Misusing Prescription Drugs

Nearly one-fourth (24%) of U.S. high school students reported using prescription drugs without a prescription in order to get high or change their mood, according to data from a recently released survey. Of these students, nearly one in five (18%) reported that the main reason they last misused a prescription drug was to help them relax, 16% reported it was to have fun, and 14% reported it was “because being high feels good.” Check out the latest report…

New Federal Website On Mental Health

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has announced the launch of as an online resource for people looking for information about mental health.  This website provides information about the signs of mental illness, how individuals can seek help, and how communities can host conversations about mental health.  The website also features videos from a number of individuals sharing their stories about mental illness, recovery, and hope.  

Systems-Level Implementation fo SBIRT

Great resource from SAMHSA for those interested in SBIRT.  This toolkit describes core elements of screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) programs for people with or at risk for substance use  disorders.  Describes SBIRT services implementation, covering challenges, barriers, cost, and sustainability. Click image before for more information

TBI 12 Step/Education Group

This meeting will provide an opportunity to share ideas and needs related to Brain Injury and Substance Use.  Participants will explore the 12 Step/Substance Use Education and tailor it for individuals with traumatic brain injury.  Individuals with Brain Injuries and Substance Use issues and family members are invited. Where:  Carolinas Rehabilitation, Private Dining Room:  1100 Blythe Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28203 For more information contact Rose Griffin, Project STAR:  704-355-9623

Urgent Policy Alert: NC House of Representatives Vote on House Bill 693 Today!

Message from APNC     Urgent Policy Alert: NC House of Representatives Vote on House Bill 693 Today! The NC House of Representatives will vote on House Bill 693, which would prohibit health care providers or their agents from providing minors with health care services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of substance abuse issues without notarized consent of the parent (or guardian) and written consent of the minor. This legislation could have a chilling effect on the ability of our members to treat underage persons, particularly those in delicate family situations in which parental involvement is detrimental to the overall…