NCSAPPA Membership Application

The purpose of the NCSAPPA is to create one voice for prevention in North Carolina for advocacy, central communication and networking for substance abuse prevention providers.  In its brief existence, the NCSAPPA has already succeeded in engaging multiple member organizations, nominating and electing a board of directors, and strengthening advocacy for prevention.

To continue in our success, we need the strength of all of those committed to the prevention of substance abuse in North Carolina.  We’re making progress, please join us!

Membership Fees & Payment

Membership fees correlate to your organization’s annual prevention operating budget, and renew annually from the date your membership started:

If your annual prevention operating budget is: Annual Membership Dues Join Today
$0 -99,999.00 $100.00

$ 100,000.00 – 299,999.00 $150.00

$300,000.00 – 499,999.00 $200.00

$500,000.00 and above $250.00


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