“Smart” Wristband Developed to Detect Drunkeness

Students from the University of Washington have developed a wristband, called Vive, that monitors alcohol and dehydration levels, essentially telling wearers how intoxicated they are.  The designers claim the band can curb the likelihood of sexual assault and other compromising situations likely arise a club or party.

Once the band detects you’re drinking, it will occasionally vibrate to “check in” with you.  All you need to do is squeeze the bracelet to let Vive know you’re still doing well and are in control.  If you don’t squeeze the band, your friends will be notified, so they can come find you and make sure you’re okay.

The non-working prototype was presented at the annual Microsoft Research Faculty Summit Design Expo 2014, and there is no word yet on how soon such a product would actually be available for public use.

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